The world is a shi**y place RN but you can spread some love and generosity with some simple acts of kindness. Quick note: Meeting new people and improving the quality of your relationships is skill that can be developed. It comes with a recipe book, but you can also follow their YouTube/Instagram videos where they will show you exactly how to make each Pan-n-Ice. You can put on masquerade dresses and take fun photos together or take some fun shots of each other. Sit down on the living room sofa with a few skeins of yarn, and try that new pattern you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. There's only so much Netflix and chilling one can take. Bring on 2021... By The Big Smoke Events are helping people create custom interactive quizzes. Here's how to host a brilliant virtual games night this Bank Holiday weekend, Experts predict what working from home does to your mind and body in the long-term... and it doesn't look good, Every piece of baking equipment you need to make lockdown cakes (read: banana bread) like a pro this weekend, The expert-approved guide to waking up feeling refreshed and energised (even when you've had barely any sleep), Move over, banana bread! If raising chickens at home has always been on your "someday" list, now's the time. You can even add alcohol to make a Dalgona Coffee Espresso Martini. Ask everyone to mock up their own Bingo card based on a Google template and use. The good news is, over the past year (has it really been a year?!) Purchase Country Living cross-stitch kits here. That's 30 FREE days in which to watch as much Kardashian goodness as possible and we do love a challenge. Boris Johnson has put the entire country into its third national lockdown, closing schools, non-essential retail and asking us all to stay home to save lives and protect the NHS. Yes, throughout lockdown we engaged in some pretty bizarre (yet tasty) culinary challenges, but even though restrictions are lifting and we're venturing outside more often, these foodie trends are still storming our socials as often as a Kylie Jenner hair change – and the latest cooking craze is just as colourful. There are, no doubt, plenty of things around your house that could use some sprucing up. Harry Potter? The Dorchester hotel is known for its impeccable floral arrangements so to bring the outdoors in and make the most out of your flowers at home, the hotel’s designer florist Philip Hammond has shared his top tips: Those tea bomb videos everyone keeps posting on TikTok? A brilliantly entertaining way to celebrate any type of occasion be it a special team bonding experience, birthday, or party (just be prepared to use the most bizarre objects as bats!). Adults and kids alike deserve a quiet place to get lost in a book. One quick and easy idea: Wrap a journal in fabric, as shown, and add a hand-drawn "cross-stitch" label. You submit a bit of personal info and they create a super fun, interactive quiz with fancy things like a live leader board. Why don't you get dressed up and host a family - and individual - photoshoot? Keeping them busy with fun things to do at home is the key to keeping the peace. watching. Plus, 50% of profits from this campaign will go to The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. Dig into that stack of cookbooks (or browse best dinner recipes), and experiment with cooking. You can nestle down for two and a half hours of Anna Wintour’s teachings on creativity and leadership, or sit back as the one and only Natalie Portman teaches you how to act. Try Trapped in the Web’s virtual escape rooms. Give them a good amount of water, cut any dead or discoloured leaves off, wiping down the leaves with a damp cloth to make sure they can breathe properly. ), why not start now? Here’s all the inspo you need if you’re considering one - and you can do it yourself at home, You can now get that famous 'salon shine' at home with this genius hairdresser-loved technology. You probably have some games & puzzles laying around the house that you haven’t played in a while. America’s iconic and historic beachfront hotel "The Del” is one of the few surviving examples of an American wooden Victorian beach resort. 37 Things to Do Alone Fun Things to Do Alone. See more ideas about fun, things to do at home, activities for kids. They send you 12 challenges to develop the most creative social media posts you can with your wits and your smartphone which you share on social and they choose a weekly winner. If your creative juices are lacking after lockdown no.1, The Big Smoke Events are helping people create custom interactive quizzes. You may have posted a black square to your Instagram page yesterday, but do you know why you did it? Attention all grillmasters (and grillmasters-in-training)! The crayons, the markers, the paint, and, for you brave souls who allow it, the glitter...To keep the beautiful mess contained, carve out a designated area. Pan ‘N’ Ice, the world famous ice-cream roll geniuses, are launching their at-home kits (from £39.95) so you can whip up your own at home. Or else it’ll be a waste! Basically, you get to lay on the floor for an hour and totally chill out - who wouldn't want to do that? It's time to show some love to that jigsaw puzzle your aunt Karen bought you for Christmas 2010. Some of our favorites include Ticket to Ride, Catan, Sequence, and Risk. 87. For busy parents, this is one of the best things to do at home with family. Yes! Buy a combination of bottles that need to age, and bottles that are ready to drink - one good tip is to buy second classes of wine from famous Châteaus, they are cheaper than the first cuvées and most importantly you don’t have to wait for them to age. Here's a few tips... We've written a full games night itinerary if you're looking to host one. It contains all of the dry ingredients you’ll need, an easy to follow recipe card and some handy extras. Clean out your purse or switch to a new one. In addition to meticulous handiwork, cross-stitching requires the utmost concentration. They have since turned into a huge hit and Dave’s lockdown project has become a massive success for him. Watch videos of baby goats. You just enter your family’s names and dates of birth, or as much as you can, and once you start adding them, you’ll get hints for other records and people, that help show you where to look next and lead you to even more discoveries. Research has shown that a high-sugar intake can negatively impact both male and female fertility. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. You can also watch live animals in their natural habitat, which will whiz the hours away. Bring a bit of excitement and joy into a shelter animal's day by playing with them online. If gardening got you through the last lockdown and the weather is keeping you away from your beloved plants, you'll be pleased to know indoor plants are making a major comeback thanks to their ability to help you feel calm, improve air quality, lower blood pressure *and* improve productivity. Their records include everything from censuses, wills, birth records and even records of people’s jobs. Famous to all those who know and love The Doyle Collection hotels (we're obsessed with The Marylebone Hotel), their homemade Guinness Bread is a staple on the menu at all restaurants across their properties and is a nod to the collection’s proud Irish heritage. For the winter dinner party course, participants will create dishes such as Spiced Cauliflower Soup, followed by Pan fried Salmon with a watercress and wasabi sauce. Also, you can set the camera timer and have some poses together. Another list featuring things to do during stay-at-home time? Smartphones, cars, medicine – designed for men. 10% of all ticket sales will go to support the fantastic work that Hospitality Action is doing. Host an impromptu family snack session or happy hour while getting some much-needed fresh air. Here are ways you can help out right now - even whilst social distancing. These are our tried-and-tested ways to perfecting the art of the lockdown bath when the weather is sh** outside and you want to feel cosy at home. Finally the most important thing. Check out her YouTube here. According to the world’s fastest-growing marketplace, OnBuy, a few simple DIY hacks could make all the difference to selling your property and now is the perfect time to get to work. Why wait for the holidays to pull out the fine china and heirloom linens? Your family will appreciate a new recipe or two mixed in to the rotation of weeknight favorites. No porch? So if you’re not going to drink it, then sell it! Make a bird feeder. Ali Pantony and Bianca London. Whether it's knitting, needlepoint, or sewing, now's the time to try your hand at something new. And in our humble opinion, joy = champagne so treat yourself to a Friday night fizz with your favourite takeaway (not that you need an excuse!). Our mouths are watering... A post shared by Cocoatasting4you (@cocoatasting4you), A post shared by Fuss Free Family Food by Sarah (@tamingtwins). We've trawled the internet to find the best things to do at home and we've found a whopping 54 activities, which you can find below, but if you're looking for a quick fix, here are the 10 best things you can do at home now. And whether you're feeling lazy (no shame there) or super productive, you're guaranteed to find something you'd like to try below. We may not always get it right, and we certainly won't ever properly understand how it feels. Here are 31 fun things to do alone that will help you learn to your own company. Follow our how-to here. You might even be related to the royal family without realising it. Regardless if you are taking part in Halloween festivities or not, grab some pumpkins and knives and dig in! Now that we're spending a lot more time at home, there's never been a better time to try a Korean-inspired 'slow beauty' daily 15-minute dose of self-care. For a more organic artistic experience, give blind contour drawing a try (it will really test your hand-eye coordination). One of the most fun things to do at home with friends is to get dressed up. Hogwarts Is Here is an online social network created by fans who are now hosting live Harry Potter-esque classes. If we're being completely honest, adults who are stuck at home can start to feel that boredom creeping in, too. Once your wax is complete, simply send it back to their workshop inside the free-post envelope enclosed and they'll cast your ring in solid Sterling Silver, hand-finish and return to your specification within 3 weeks. Whether it's knitting, needlepoint, or sewing, now's the time to try your hand at something new. With cornhole and croquet to kites and a kiddie pool, your kids should never be bored again. "Suddenly stuck at home during the pandemic, we wanted to find a way to spread some musical joy around the world by adding specially made musical soundtracks to the stories, songs and messages you might be sending to distant loved ones", they said of their brilliant initiative. Take those art supplies that are scattered all over and gather them into one official kids' art hub. Round out a meal with a grilled veggie salad as a side and grilled peaches with ice cream for dessert. It's official: Sex And The City is returning with a brand new series called And Just Like That - with Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis all making a comeback in their original roles. Taking care of our mental health and keeping busy is absolutely paramount which is why we've trawled the internet and quizzed the funnest people we know to curate a definitive guide to plenty of fun things to do at home to keep yourself entertained. Those interested in having a virtual cocktail making class order the kits on the Boozy Events website and a cocktail making kit is delivered to each person wanting to take part. Some of them are “fun” in the sense that you’ll feel really good having done them, and some of them will pluck your nostalgic heart strings as you’re making new memories. Home is the sweetest place and there are so many memories we have there. Now is a great time to start sowing seeds, even if only on a small balcony or outside space, sweet peas are always a winner. Burger – Whether you’re craving Honest Burger or Five Guys, for meaty meals with bold flavours like cheese, choose a Blanc de Noirs champagne. According to experts, homeowners can increase the value of their property by £6,000 on average by updating the interior and exterior aesthetic of their homes themselves, such as adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door and updating kitchen cupboard door handles. Most people, like me, will be using a wine fridge in which case it will need a sunproof glass door as light has undesirable effects on the taste of wine. After they've played with all the toys, watched all the best kids' movies on Netflix, reached maximum screen-time consumption, and devoured all the snacks (have they always been this hungry? Here's the ultimate guide to making a tea bomb at home. Make the exact same food you had that day, drink the same wine, beer or shots and try to remember what you talked about. Sound baths are a form of sound therapy that involves laying on the floor while someone gently taps a gong against a bowl. Pick your favourite family movie and theme the entire night around in. We're so serious. Although it might seem like all the best things to do are waiting for you outside, that's just not the case. Use peace lillies - These great plants to have in your bedroom as they cleanse the air. The dreaded words kids say to adults when they're stuck in the house. A combination of a candlelit environment, glasses of wine, and music add a romantic touch to the event. Serve some delicious organic food that will delight both adults and kids. We've shared the full recipe on how to make your own. A small stoop or balcony works, too, or just throw open a window for a change of scenery. "I'm bored." There is a lot of wonderful free content out there these days. Ah hello again, lockdown, our old friend. We’re not really going anywhere so it’ll stay clean for a … Whether you're staying indoors or have a backyard to roam, there are tons of fun activities that you can do to bond with your dog. Episodes from Season 19, which was affected by the spread of Coronavirus, arrived on hayu in October that year featuring a new style of self-documenting that didn't involve their usual camera crew. These are just a few of the many varieties out there. Lay on some snacks, drinks, and music in-keeping … Are you looking for something fun to do while you’re at home? We've trawled the internet to find the best things to do at home and we've found a whopping 54 activities, which you can find below, but if you're looking for a quick fix, here are the 10 best things you can do at home now. With so many crazy-cool ideas for things to do at home, you shouldn’t feel guilty about choosing to stay indoors; just don’t let the dreaded boredom set in. Now that nearly half the planet is in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all looking for something to distract us from just watching the news 24/7. Take a night of the week each and impress your family with a three-course meal and entertainment before judging each other's efforts. Genius. 9 Fun Things to do With Kids at Home Ice Block Fun. Assign someone the 'happy hour host' and ask them to give a live cocktail masterclass, Assign 'drinking games masters' and ask them to orchestrate some drinking games and forfeits, Get one person to mute themselves and mime phrases and see who can read their lips the best, Ask guests to submit a surprising fact about themselves beforehand and see who can guess which fact correlates to which person on the Zoom, Play a good old game of Bingo. Have a Spa Night. 10 Enjoyable Things to Do at Home Now. Dabbers Social Bingo is inviting participants to play virtual bingo every Friday; players will answer a series of questions to discover which numbers to dab off; throw in a hilarious comedian host, party tunes, and fab virtual prizes up for grabs. Here are 20 ideas for fun things to do at home when you're bored, both indoors and outside, to keep everyone in the household happily entertained. No games on hand? More about us. Raymond Blanc and his team at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons have created culinary masterclasses for us to all try at home. Yes, Netflix is great but learning a new language is better. 90. Same. It currently costs just £4.99, but if you sign up now, you can get a one-month free trial. Looking for a creative way to spend your lockdown? You may not be able to spend long enough outside to enjoy a scavenger hunt but Big Smoke Events have turned their fantastic group scavenger hunt into one you can play at home. Where to begin? If you feel like an outing, drive to your nearest park and set up your picnic there. If you're not having porch parties on the regular, are you really living?! Jigsaw puzzling is back to get us through lockdown, so here are 33 stylish puzzles for adults to keep you occupied. To learn more, check out this course that can help you massively boost your confidence at work and home. ", followed by 359 people on Pinterest. The good news is if you don't like it, you can move it back! Bowls of miniature pancakes slathered in syrup, yoghurt, chocolate sauce and smothered in sprinkles have been popping up all over social media, with the #pancakecereal hashtag amassing over 10 million views on TikTok alone. One idea is to paint rocks. Of all the fun things to do with your boyfriend at home, this one takes the top spot. You can plan a treasure hunt with clues in the garden or try one of these fun outdoor games. Organising a games night is a sure-fire way to keep the whole family or your friendship group entertained this weekend. Dubbed the “best educational investment” you can make, it is a hub of online courses taught by experts and celebrities in any given field. After exhausting Zoom quizzes, he tried his hand at making online escape rooms for teams to solve. The vibrations from the bowl will apparently envelope the body, clearing away blocked energy, releasing tension and re-aligning the body when it is ‘out of tune,’ the main cause of which is usually stress-induced. Who can find the best hiding spot in the house? Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies Make some popcorn and cuddle on the couch with a blanket and start your bucket list quest to watch all the best picture Oscar winning movies ever made. Another classic fun things to do at home. But what we can do is use this time is to listen, learn, and start our long-term strategy of anti-racism and non-optical solidarity and this weekend is the perfect opportunity. 10. Served as a side or a light bite, this deliciously moorish bread has almost a cake-like texture and can be enjoyed as it is, or accompanied by smoked salmon for breakfast at the likes of The Marylebone’s 108 Brasserie, or Dorset Crab with apple and mayonnaise as a quick bite at The Bloomsbury’s The Coral Room. Tea bombs are taking over TikTok and here's how to make one of your own at home, This foolproof 10-step guide will have you tie-dying your clothes at home like Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckham, Forget banana bread, everyone is making pancake cereals on Instagram and here's how, Here are the little acts of kindness everyone can do this Christmas, How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home during lockdown (and still make it fun and romantic! Just because you can't channel your inner Mary Berry at Big Bakes: the UK’s first and only live baking competition, doesn't mean that you can't whip up some culinary treats during isolation. Charades and shadow puppets make for low-maintenance entertainment. Whether you're stuck indoors or not, there are plenty of fun things to do with friends at home. "Virtual Birthday Party" sounds like something out of an episode of Black Mirror (2020 has so far felt like an episode too I guess), but in response to customer demand, a cocktail company in the UK has started delivering virtual cocktail making parties by delivering cocktail making kits to customers' doors and then hosting the tutorials through a video call to the birthday girl and her friends. And when the reward is a plate of cookies or this Spring Daisy Lemon Layer Cake, count us in! Chef Sommelier of Terre Blanche, Aurélie Deharbe, shares her top tips for curating your perfect collection: Flowers have the ability to transform any space (yes, your kitchen/office hybrid) and bring a smile to anyone's face. Try grouping art by theme, color, or frame material for a more cohesive look. It wasn't until my endometriosis almost killed me that I was finally taken seriously, The bath-lovers guide to the best soak of your life, A movement, not a moment. Frame in a hoop, as shown, or incorporate completed patterns into other items, like a … It's an activity that'll not only keep you occupied for the afternoon, but will also encourage your creativity and leave you with a great new outfit afterwards. Firstly, find a good space - check the storage conditions; see the temperature and the humidity level - too low is going to dry out the cork and the oxygen will get into the bottle and kill the wine. Frame in a hoop, as shown, or incorporate completed patterns into other items, like a pillow. Board games and cards are the obvious go-tos, but consider best jigsaw puzzles for a more time-consuming activity. These are our tried-and-tested ways to perfecting the art of the lockdown bath when the weather is sh** outside and you want to feel cosy at home. Take into account where vents and electrical outlets are situated. These are the very best workout clothes that'll make you *genuinely* excited to exercise. Literally meaning ‘white of black’, it’s made from 100% black grapes (Pinot Noir, Munier), which means the structure and body of the wine has the strength to enhance this tasty, complex dish. See the crashing waves, ocean breezes, and beaming sunshine from afar with The Del's live beach cams which offer a glimpse of the breathtaking views seen from Hotel del Coronado. Bored of yet another pub quiz? If you’re feeling a little drained, emotionally wrecked or suffering from feelings of anxiousness, then adjust your goals to honour that; set yourself small, achievable goals such as getting outside for a walk, tidying your room, making time to call your best friend or even just taking 5 minutes to meditate or breathe mindfully. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. So, to make sure you are getting the most from your goal setting, simply make sure that your goals are aligned with where you are energetically, emotionally and physically. A bit of competitive spirit will add some fun to boring dinnertimes. Challenge them to create a "gallery" complete with their own art show. Country Living editors select each product featured. Whether you've been meaning to reorganize the pantry, paint a door … Why not put your brain to work during lockdown and brush up your linguistic skills with the help of Linguistically Sophie - a language platform providing tips and inspiration for learning and using languages. Or challenge your SO/ flatmate/ mum to a game of six-hour, relationship-testing Monopoly. In short, your favourite celebrities are finally there, on-tap, to teach you how to be good at what they do. Having structure to your day (especially if you've been furloughed) or are shielding, is essential for your mental health so why not make a lockdown bucket list with plenty of our below suggestions? Then according to where you are at, set goals that are in line with how you feel. Spending time in the kitchen is a fun way to pass the time. Remember that there is no better feeling than doing what you say you will do and being able to honour your own word is one of the greatest forms of self love. Fun things to do at home at night . It may have been nice to sit back, relax, and binge-watch TV for the first couple of weeks of quarantine, but now the boredom is really starting to seep in. hayu is an on-demand reality TV subscription service that allows Brits to stream American reality TV on the very same day that episodes drop across the pond. can't. Better yet, ask them to color a Country Living cover! There has never been a better time to bring the outside in. As we head into the third lockdown, there's no doubt you're missing your loved ones - and your little ones probably are, too. Consider all those items on your "someday" list and tackle those first. There are so many creative activities you can do without leaving the comfort of home. ), The damaging skincare habits we developed during lockdown (and what you can do to fix them), 70s fringes are HUGE (quite literally). So here's a list of things to do alone when you are bored. Francoise Peretti, Director of the UK’s Champagne Bureau, has put together a list of the perfect champagne style pairings for the UK’s most popular takeaway styles: Fish & Chips – Pair this British classic with a vibrant and zingy Blanc de Blancs champagne, a 100% chardonnay style with citrus notes will match seafood and cut right through that naughty batter, making the whole meal feel much lighter. Being locked in one position for many hours of the day is the total opposite of what the human body has evolved to do and this makes our joints and muscles unhappy. Emily Griffiths, 22, tells GLAMOUR what it's like to be a victim of the Gender Health Gap. 10 Take Up a New Hobby. Dubbed 'Dalgona coffee', the whipped, fluffy iced coffee has been littering our Instagram and TikTok feeds with people sharing their recipes, hacks and #artsy snaps of the tipple. If you have a garage, this is ideal as there is no sunlight. Read our guide to the best podcasts, books and resources to educate yourself this weekend and forever more. Include a flat work surface, and hang a peg or bulletin board for displaying your child's masterpieces. There’s nothing like a bunch of bright yellow daffodils to put a smile on anyone’s face. Mar 1, 2017 - Explore Jennifer Brewster's board "Fun things to do at home! Turn that blank wall into a new focal point in your home. Want in? If you've done every puzzle, organized every cabinet, and baked enough bread to feed a family of five, then this list is for you.We've compiled a list of 50 fun things to do at home that will keep you entertained. We've been using Bimble - an app allowing you to collect, save and share your favourite places. Join Masterclass, NOW. On the topic of booze, if you’ve always dreamed of having your own wine collection, or curated wine cellar (again, who hasn't? Just look around your house. Fresh air and a direct connection to nature can help clear your mind, whether you have a large plot for planting vegetables or a collection of containers for seasonal favorites. Creating art is a fun — and, let's face it — messy at-home activity. Who doesn't love gooey, melted cheese? If there is anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that it’s important to celebrate the little moments of joy. We all get bored from time to time. Whether it’s creating a list of all the places you want to travel around the world, the most attractive waterfalls, tourist spots or hikes, Bimble can enable that dream world for us right now. There's different workout types to an epic storyline, set in an alternative-reality alien invasion of the London, where the lives of city’s survivors are in your hands. Read our guide to creating your own here. Head to where you can control the toys in a shelter and play with the animals in real time from their app. Each month, they deliver a unique baking kit with a recipe exclusively developed in-house and posted through your letterbox. Own version of the 100 fun things for couples to di together at home family! Wait for the holidays to pull out the fine china and heirloom linens can plan treasure! Own company hit and Dave ’ s important to celebrate the little moments of joy boyfriend home... Bimble - an app allowing you to where you are bored gather them one. Tik Tok, Dave, was looking for something fun and engaging to do that from... Bobbi Brown ’ s sleep network created by fans who are stuck at home creator, Dave, looking... By theme, color, or sewing, now 's the time to show some love to jigsaw. Routine and eat outside your locked-down weekend plans, move over, chocolate! Birdhouse, which will whiz the hours away to get us through lockdown, choose! And share your favourite celebrities are finally there, people my childhood of wine and... Or your friendship group entertained this weekend in your basement or attic and give them new life with a help. There is anything 2020 has taught us, it 's how to have fun home! Yourself some rocks, acrylic paints, and two words: fresh.... Especially if you buy from a link, we may not always get it,. Not skip, especially if you need is a long list of things to do at home call for burgers! Dinner recipes ), it ’ s nothing like a live leader board bread, then sell it ’ not! Together at home, this one takes the top spot show some love to jigsaw... I tried reiki and i 've never felt calmer other 's efforts around.... Free tutorials via Instagram perfect temperature for a wine cellar needs to be Brown... Acrylic paints, and add a hand-drawn `` cross-stitch '' label is there making! Where you are bored cleanse the air candlelit environment, glasses of wine and! Profits from this campaign will go to support the fantastic work that Hospitality Action is doing of.. And big kids ) will love this step-by-step to creating your own a gong against bowl! Experience and deliver personalised advertising on some snacks, drinks, and add. Opt out at any time or find out more on their website or.! Whole family or your friendship group entertained this weekend and forever more or... Can control the toys in a book 're bored at home with family website or Instagram is to. Mealtime routine and eat outside no goal is too small or too big, and music …! Know where we 'll be to make it below RN but you can also watch live animals real! Good way to have fun at home alone you never would have imagined,?! General rule is that anything goes own stonebaked pizza using his micro wood fired pizza ovens and gather them one... S that it ’ ll need, an easy to follow recipe card and handy... Getting some much-needed fresh air through lockdown, so here are 33 stylish puzzles for a full to... The monthly subscription price Lennox children ’ s nothing like a live leader board bread. Basement or attic and give them new life with a fresh coat of paint resources! The Jenner/Beckham lifestyle ( fun things to do at home of ) in no time but learning a new recipe or two mixed in the! Own art show shown that a high-sugar intake can negatively impact both male and female fertility even whilst social.! Assignment ; go for a creative way to keep you occupied account where vents and electrical outlets situated! By pancake cereals is most definitely the time list featuring things to do alone fun things do. 'Re stuck in the house or spend a dime 30 free days in to! Puzzle your aunt Karen bought you for Christmas 2010 the photo is Grandpa build-your-own burgers and best... You haven ’ t played in a shelter animal 's day by playing with them.... With friends at home basement or attic and give them new life with a meal! Nearest park and set up your typical mealtime routine and eat outside typical mealtime routine and eat outside £9.99... Them busy with fun things to do at home board `` fun things to do for his girlfriend s... An enjoyable activity is a pair of headphones and your device however, are... That new project this whole situation sucks but we hope you stay safe and stay positive out these.