More items to explore. If you read the reviews on it the second one down is from a lady that said she would not use it on her orchids because it’s not high quality. The bark mix seems to need replacement as it is dry & crumbly so I’m wanting to switch to moss. In cooler climates and in cultivation in the home, sphagnum moss can present Now they’ve both stopped ANYTHING. Does your orchid have drainage? This choice moss is critical to reducing shock when re-potting seedlings such as Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums and Dendrobiums. Other varieties which don’t like as much moisture can be planted in a high quality fir bark based mix, such as Special Orchid Mix, also sold at Home Depot. I’ve read your other blogs and it has given me a lot of information Packed tightly in a pot it I hope u can help me with this. New Zealand Sphagnum moss is a versatile product renowned for its remarkable natural properties; it is long lasting with an excellent water holding capacity. Orchids like to be drenched in the sink and then not watered till they are DRY… Unlike normal house plants that like water all the time. Ideally, you should sow one square foot of sphagnum moss for every 10 feet of soil. The danger is that by soaking an orchid potted in moss in water the inner core of the moss stays constantly wet, resulting in rotted roots. I have now put it in a moss and Styrofoam filled pot. It is so easy to tell when they need to be watered because when the moss gets dry it gets “crunchy.” What I mean by “crunchy” is that, to the touch, they actually make a crunch noise …. Orchids: Sphagnum moss Then I filled several ordinary black plastic plant pots with moss and placed half in a shallow tray of rainwater in the cool greenhouse in a bright position, the other half I put in a similar shallow tray of rainwater and put them in a shady position in my intermediate greenhouse. I’m hoping you can give some advice… I have 3 orchids in desperate need of help & intervention. ... Moth orchids grow slowly and need repotting once every 1 to 2 years. orchid growing sundries mail order. The strange thing is that it is growing a spike. Choose the right growing medium for your type of orchid. It is cleaner, lighter in color and has longer fibers which help to hold moisture / nutrients. This might seem like a silly question but has anyone ever grown plants in straight sphagnum moss without the intention of transferring it later into potting mix? sphagnum moss on orchids when used as growing medium. Sphagnum moss has unique properties that satisfy some of the orchid needs. Standard floral-quality sphagnum moss, available from nurseries and box stores and even sometimes Be sure that it will cover the moss but not too heavy and dense. Before I plant my orchids in glass containers, I use small rocks at the bottom of the container. This is important for young or sick plants. Otherwise, this can block the sunlight that is critical for the propagation of the sphagnum moss. They don’t like to be wet all the time. How to Water Orchids in Moss . which is just a simple upgrade once I got the hang of caring for my first orchids. I got another orchid for Mothers Day this year – it had 7 beautiful purple flowers fully opened. I then add sphagnum moss on top. Note: If you choose to use bark that is perfectly fine – I just prefer a moss mix. You can also combine one part osmunda bark with three parts of redwood for a quality potting mix. Thanks, Oncidiums do well in sphagnum moss, but ONLY the long fibered New Zealand moss. play. Either way air flow and not over watering them will help. Besgrow provide a range of Spagmoss products for the orchid growing, floristry and landscaping industries, which … Home Depot sells an “Orchid Moss” which is a premium sphagnum designed for planting orchids. Can you explain why it’s growing a spike? Is it possible that the stuff growing in the pots started from the bag (did I get a bad bag)? some challenges with over watering. You can also add peanut shells to the mixture, as it is going to allow good airflow. I love all plants and orchids seem to be my hardest to grow. Copyright © 2005-2020 by, Inc.    302.855.5859, How To Know When an Orchid Needs Repotting. Sphagnum moss. Home Depot sells an “Orchid Moss” which is a premium sphagnum designed for planting orchids. Is this a normal thing for the moss to change into green? There are many qualities of sphagnum moss make it a good growing medium for that epiphytic orchids. Sand and sphagnum moss or coco peat works best. All rights reserved. Soak the orchid in water for 20 minutes to make its roots pliable. I’ve not fertilized any of them yet. All pics are mine Handmade orchid mix Attach the moss-wrapped root ball to the mount using floral wire, fishing line, U-shaped metal clips, twist ties, or another non-biodegradable string. Now it has 3 left and they’re withering away day by day. Sphagnum moss alone may break down too quickly to be effective and can retain moisture for too long causing the roots to rot. Oncidiums do well in sphagnum moss, but ONLY the long fibered New Zealand moss. Sphagnum Moss for Orchid Plant Soil, air layering the plants for propogation , making moss stick for climbers like money plant and mulching on topsoil to provide moisture and save water. I assume the change is bad but I do not know much and that is why i would like to ask you about this change if it is normal or not. Phalaenopsis orchids like a bit more moisture than most, so planting them in a high quality sphagnum is great. I rinse the rocks in water to remove dirt and debris. Much of the sphagnum moss and sphagnum peat moss we see here in nurseries and big box stores comes from Canada. It’s green on the sides right? If it feels wet like a wet or damp sponge I know NOT to water it. "Helping Bloom Happy Orchids One Pot At A Time For Over 25 Years". Hi Hannah, You want the first pot to have taller edges to allow for humidity to occur inside that pot area. In the growing of orchids we are looking for top quality sphagnum moss with long, fluffy, open strands and good It would seem that it would not have the energy to grow a spike in its current condition but it looks like it does have the energy. To improve the chances of growing successfully, top off the moss with a light mulch. Orchids are used to times of abundant water and then dry spells. A combination of fir bark, sphagnum moss, charcoal and coconut husks is appropriate for many orchid genera. Copyright © 2005-2020 by, Inc.    302.855.5859 Carefully remove all potting media from the orchid’s roots. This happens to me every so often. Therefore it allows the air to reach the orchid aerial roots. Now it has one large leaf left, a growing baby leaf and three roots. dead moss that falls to the bottom of the bog. I have three plants and since moving them to the pots with holes and watering once a week (every other week I use Miracle Gro Orchid Food) the leaves are strong and happy. I cut off all the crumbly ones and repotted in damp sphagnum. Place it such a way so that it is still growing in its natural direction. Its high air filled porosityis great for our epiphytic orchids If an orchid is potted in long-grain sphagnum moss or soilless mix, you can water until water runs out into the saucer below. industry to line hanging baskets and package seedling plants for transport is typically of a much lower grade than we would