Pulley Ridge fishing/Dry Tortugas with Majestic Seas Charters Key West's Originators, Leaders and Pioneers of Dry Tortugas/Pulley Ridge and Beyond Fishing Trips since 1977; Red Snapper City! FIRST SWORDFISH ON … Greg Mercurio leads the Yankee Capts crew in its … The mission was to investigate the towering peaks and sheer drop-offs that plummet to near abyssal depths... Stretching north to south and encompassing more than 60 miles, Pulley Ridge is one of the most impressive underwater terrains in the entire Gulf of Mexico. Christmas reef is 107 NM North of Pulley Ridge. Big muttons, fire trucks, several 30lb … braid proved to be the perfect balance of power and mobility. Tunas on topwaters. A stout 8 foot rod matched to a 2-speed conventional reel loaded with 600 yards of 50 lb. It is designed to present an accurate, measurable description and visual presentation of the submerged terrain in this area. Alex Fogg, Marine Resource Coordinator and Lionfish slayer extraordinaire. 2 | Gale Force Twins. “Humminbird” Introduces the APEX™ Series. “Ola Means Alive” Releases Multiple Lines Of Sporty, Elegant, and Su... “Marea Gear” announces an all NEW lineup of fishing lures! The excitement dwindled only temporarily on the 12 hour boat ride to the fishing grounds, where the dozen and a half passengers onboard rested in preparation of what was to come. W of Dry Tortugas, weather permitting only. Your best option is to use the mobile version on your phone or tablet. One fish after another. We went over food bait. Many of the anglers and crew alike had never experienced bottom fishing of this caliber, and the action only intensified. Pulley Ridge Mixed Bag!! Thankfully, Yankee Capts deckhands are the best in the business and were on point throughout the entire trip. It’s always an adventure! If there is one thing you need to do in the coming year it’s book a trip to Pulley Ridge. Meet Pulley Ridge Lite. Fishing 100 miles into the Gulf of Mexico off of Key West in the Florida Keys is truly something special. If you buy the tablet from us we’ll even pre-load your charts! Because of its distant location so far off the southwest coast of Florida, few vessels have dared venturing to these grounds. See It. Florida Sport Fishing is owned and operated by South Florida Sport Fishing Inc, a Florida Corporation headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida — in the heart of The Fishing Capital of the World. Juvenile sea turtles, octopus, wahoo, and even a stray sailfish were also intrigued by the lights and swam by to see what all the commotion was about. The remaining deep dropping specialists smartly equipped with power assist electric reels and enough 12-volt power to subdue the creatures from the deep drop after drop did some serious damage. Our waypoint based charts, like the Offshore St Pete chart, work well on Garmin. Wreck of the Queen B V. Latitude: 26.88867222 Longitude: -82.13147778 (26° 53' 20" N Longitude -82° 7' 53" W) Wreck of the Kingfisher. LB8390. Several manufactures offer a variety of electric reel models that would suit this style of fishing well, although the Daiwa Tanacom Bull loaded with 60 lb. This trip started when members of the Boatless … With such a limited number of trips accommodating only a small number of anglers, few will have a chance to experience this last frontier. Fish It. We also provide you the Google Earth version so you can view the lines on your phone, tablet, or computer. This wreck has long since sank into the mud bottom of Charlotte Harbor, but it does still show on the charts. Epic Pulley Ridge fishing! All rights reserved. The drowned group of barrier islands is widely recognized as the deepest photosynthetic coral reef off the shores of the continental United States. In addition to her long cruising range and comfort, she has access to some of the most untouched bottom and pelagic fishing in the United States. We were about to embark towards offshore fishing grounds few had seen. Deep drop in the afternoon. Pulley Ridge - NG: $20.75 Each. Yankee Capts Clothing; Yankee Capts Fishing Tackle; Photo Gallery; Private Charters; Videos; Links; Call us. From the moment Greg mentioned an exploratory trip deep into the Gulf, I was hooked. It's perfect. Within a minute of hitting bottom you were tight…every time! Congratulations! These maps and corresponding Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shapefile data represent EFH in the Gulf of Mexico. We are dressed the same, oh and the nice sized kingfish too! Within the first hour of fishing, we boated nearly a dozen different species including yellowedge grouper, snowy grouper, blueline tilefish, squirrelfish, queen snapper and yelloweye snapper. info@strikelines.com / 850-710-0242 / Pensacola, FL. Pulley Ridge is one of the areas that the Sanctuary Advisory Council requested NOAA analyze for potential inclusion within the sanctuary. By the second day, a pattern emerged in that there was no pattern. Named after Thomas Pulley—a famous malacologist—Pulley Ridge was first discovered in 1950 by research vessels equipped with remotely operated vehicles. If the countless reefs, wrecks and ridges aren’t enough, a unique deep water coral reef system exists within a day’s boat ride. Pulley Ridge is a deep water reef that lies 120 to 150 miles west of Key West. The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has already designated it as a Habitat Area of Particular Concern (HAPC) in 2005, because it fits the criteria of being rare, ecologically important, and susceptible to environmental stress (e.g., oil spills). Pulley Ridge was originally discovered in 1950 during a dredging operation conducted by an academic group from Texas. When we hit the dock the following morning the local NOAA marine biologist on hand was absolutely amazed with the variety and size of species encountered. As long as the offering was generous and stinky, you were bound to get a bite. © Copyright 2020 Strike Lines Charts. That did not help with finding the … Christmas Reef is 90 NM from Boca. Trophy Muttons! Please try again. Pulley Ridge HAPC - Fishing with a bottom longline, bottom trawl, buoy gear, pot, or trap and bottom anchoring by fishing vessels are prohibited year-round. A golden tilefish and black belly rosefish come over the rail. We're heading out now on our way to ridge. extra-hard monofilament leader, a pair of swivel sleeves were evenly spaced to where the branching lines would not reach the hook above or below. Southwest Florida Pulley Ridge fishing map 3D with high resolution images of the seafloor. The reef rests on sunken barrier islands and lies 100 miles west of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve and stretches north about 60 miles at depths ranging from 60–80 meters. We tallied over 30 different species in this unique deep water environment, leaving us with an experience of a lifetime. One thing is for certain…I’ve already secured my spot at the rail! What makes Pulley Ridge so unique is the variety of shallow and deep water species found here. Only a few weeks after learning of this trip, I was packing my Yukon coolers with all of the essentials necessary to conquer whatever I might encounter. so you're looking for beach fishing fishing Holy Ridge fishing all the above you guys know. The one scenario that was constant regardless of preferred tackle was getting tangled, and let me say that this trip gave the term spider web a whole new meaning with the entire spectrum of braided fishing line colors visible down the rail. They were also shown the area in the southern portion of Pulley Ridge that may receive regulations to minimize interference with … 3D charts for Simrad, Lowrance, B&G, and VesselView are mailed to you on a SD/MicroSD card due to our license agreement with Navico. Enjoy fishing and diving on your private charter, 2 or 3 or 5 day fishing charters for snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, wahoo and more. As darkness fell upon us, the skipper anchored along shallower depths of the ledge and many anglers stayed busy chasing blackfin tuna and a variety of snapper. You can catch Snowy Grouper, Speckle Hind Grouper (picture to the right), huge Red Grouper, Scamp, Golden Tile, AJ's, Hog Snappers to say a few of the healthy fish that inhabit this deep ridge. As we endured the tough conditions, it was clear that anglers well prepared with 2, 3 and 4 pound leads were able to fish the most effectively. Because of its isolation, this reef is seldom fished and you just never know what you will see and catch when you are fishing at Pulley Ridge. Therefore, information on the extent and nature of the coral and fish assemblages will be invaluable to delineating the boundaries of any new closed areas. The Pipeline chart without sonar imagery. When the massive outline finally broke the surface the mate yelled, “WARSAW!” Simply phenomenal! I'll go ahead and put a link in the description box for you guys. Tortugas Muttons! ShoreMaster/HydroHoist Acquires Neptune Boat Lifts. Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm. In all honesty, I felt like a little child headed to Disney World for the first time. Starting with 48-inches of 150 lb. It is protected from fishing using bottom trawls, longlines, buoy gear, and traps/pots. It is a once in a life time experience for the advanced fisherman. Of greater scientific value will be the acquisition of data on … What an awesome trip to Costa Rica! Weighed in at 55lbs. It was about 10 am according to the time in my pictures that we started fishing in the 200 foot marks and were not lucky to find the fish, the Captain kept moving the boat over and over looking for the ones that wanted to bite in the 0 knot current and 0.1 knot wind if that much! Arriving to Pulley Ridge at 3 am we were ready to get our lines wet! The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council has expressed concern over ongoing damage to Pulley Ridge habitat by fishing operations and is considering additional protective measures. Figure 2. Print-on-Demand NOAA, National Ocean Service (NOS) Bathymetric and Fishing Maps from OceanGrafix. You’ll get all the waypoints just not the red lines. The trek is also burdened with unstable weather patterns and heavy shipping traffic, which make the long journey that much more challenging. Safe Harbour Marina 6810 Front St. Key West, FL 33040. It was just past 8:00 a.m. the following morning when the captain eased the throttles back as we finally hit the ridgeline nearly 150 miles west of Key West. Overnight fishing to Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas and Marquesas Keys. While power assist reels loaded with 50 to 80 lb. Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper Business License No. Connect With Us. Some procured the freshest goggle eye possible, while others brought fresh ballyhoo and speedos. Trip two was just as amazing. 3D for Garmin? Pulley Ridge was designated a Habitat Area of Particular Concern in 2005 by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. Greg has found an abundant fishery in the shoal waters of Pulley Ridge, one that is waiting for anglers to enjoy. Other options are available, please ask. …Out of all the trips that we do during the year, these Pulley Ridge trips are without a doubt my favorite. Please enter a USPS approved shipping address at checkout. Pulley Ridge Lite Charters! Pulley Ridge----- $1400 - fish 30-60m. CMOR Mapping’s game-changing, high-resolution bathymetric imagery for Simrad, Lowrance, Raymarine, and Furuno chartplotters and Mercury VesselView displays brings the ocean floor into an entirely new level of focus for anglers and divers. Your subscription could not be saved. NOAA > NESDIS > NCEI (formerly NGDC) > Marine Geology and Geophysics > Bathymetry & Relief. What makes Pulley Ridge so unique is the variety of shallow and deep water species found here. Overnights can be onboard or with a fishing camping stop at the Dry Tortugas. The most effective approach consisted of a simple recipe. 0. The Northern most part of Pulley Ridge is approximately 153 NM from Boca. After countless hours cross-referencing bathymetric charts with live data and catch logs, Capt. This new trip will focus in waters in the 200-400 ft range (conditions permitting), making electric reels unnecessary. Buy Online chart NG_17-7 - PULLEY RIDGE Florida Sport Fishing TV Adventure; Pulley Ridge LITE; 4 Day Iron Man; 3 Day Thanksgiving Special; Yankee Capts Merchandise. WHAT TO BRING TO PULLEY RIDGE - Preparing for Yankee Capts Fishing trip | Gale Force Twins. 3D mobile, PC, and ALL waypoint charts are provided as a digital download unless you select “ship me a card.” You will be provided a link to download the chart files after checkout and in your order confirmation email (check your spam folder). 305-923-3926 . However, because you’re fishing with rod under your arm the entire time it’s important to note that comfort and portability are key factors for this particular application. This is my go-to dive site if I am wanting to not only maximize the number of dives I can do in a day with the least amount of fuel burned, but also access just about every offshore reef fish species that the Gulf has to offer. Within the first hour of fishing, we boated nearly a dozen different species including yellowedge grouper, snowy grouper, blueline tilefish, squirrelfish, queen snapper and yelloweye snapper. Minutes into the first drop and half the anglers were already doubled over with signs of drags straining and determined fish digging toward the bottom. Capt. I don’t care if you like tarpon or tuna, sheepshead or sailfish. It was now almost 9 pm when we left the dock for our 12 hour journey to Pulley Ridge. The ride out is about 13 hours, the trip departs 12 Noon and returns approximately 12 Noon 3 days later. Around the Sunshine State and nearby Bahamas, anglers are fortunate to have some of the most productive bottom fishing north of the equator. Night time snapper fishing at Pulley Ridge EP. More than 60 deep water fishes have been identified in the area and little did we know that we were just getting started. With the winter season now upon us, it won’t be until the spring when crews return to these prolific grounds. Dive It. A snowy, queen and yellow-eye at once on the same jig. If you guys want any of these igloos. **Preview map is LOW RESOLUTION.