The filling was a tad oily for my taste, and I love a very oaty topping, so I doubled the oats & flour (subbed white wheat flour), & also added about 1 Tablespoon ground flax meal for added fiber, w/ oats slows down the blood sugar spice. Xo. It even rivals a non vegan recipe I had at a gourmet restaurant last week which was amazing and inspired me to make apple crisp this weekend. Wow. Cheers, friends! I can’t eat any oils…. I made it today for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! :D. Made this tonight. Thank you AGAIN!!! thank you for this! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I used olive oil and it made my crumble taste like olive oil :( Definitely don’t recommend it! Everyone LOVED! I was worried about the crumble top not being good without butter but the almond meal really helps. Instead of the coconut flavored ice cream though, he brought be two scoops of chocolate ice cream on top! And apples are cheap in the grocery store this time of year! & Insanely delicious. I used pumpkin pie spice again, 50:50 of Nutiva’s V/GF butter-flavored coconut oil & their shortening, light brown sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt, & the GF flour blend from one of our local grocery chains in NE/Central PA. Just shy of an hour & a half later & being intoxicated on the fumes of apple crisp, we gave in. My kids LOVE it and I’m not gonna lie…I grabbed a few extra bites myself. Each time with different apples but both times delicious! Ironic and sad non-vegan ad, though. The best Vegan Apple Crisp is easy to make using simple wholesome ingredients and just 1 bowl! It was also good cold the next day :) Thanks for another awesome recipe! It came out very good, as do ALL of your vegan recipes I try. Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! Thank you so much! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. For #3 in instructions it says “add to large mixing bowl and top with remaining filling ingredients..” I guess for some reason I’m confused why it says “remaining”. Hah! I did everything except add the pecans, and this was exquisite! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate all the thought that went into this. Elegant and rustic…..perfection! I am a nervous baker (I had to throw away the last thing I tried to bake) and settled on trying this recipe because it seemed straightforward with a list of ingredients I mostly had in hand. Will definitely be making this again for both breakfast and dessert! Hi Ashley, you could try more oats and flour in place of almond meal! xo, Made this recipe for a dinner party last night and everyone went back for seconds! Used coconut flour. Next time I may reduce the sugar in the topping. This recipe is absoulty delicious and my whole family loved it. Other than that, everything came together quite easily. We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. This really is the best vegan apple crisp! Will make again many times! (FYI: I LOVE your recipes and have turned loads of people onto your site!) I opted for the water instead of apple juice and used raw and brown sugar instead of muscovado and coconut sugar it was quiet sweet but thats just the way I like it. I made this last night and the first thing my boyfriend said after taking his first bite was ‘wow, this is the best apple crisp I’ve ever tasted!’ HAH I thought it was so funny because you are totally right in calling it the best (vegan) apple crisp, it really is so delicious! We thought we’d be fought with resistance for serving a vegan dessert, but it was gone faster than any other dessert! I didn’t have almond meal and so used almond flour, and used all coconut oil. For oat-free, we’d suggest quinoa flakes or more flour. Let us know how it goes! :)) But, I agree, when I was eating this way, this would be my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thinking that could be a fund addition… do you think that would make it too moist? Nothing I make from you is ever bad always delicious! I made exactly as is. I just made it and my apples were so dry and hard. I looked at the pictures posted and knew it was missing something. Thank you!! Yes, you can freeze it for up to 1 month, baked! Making this weekend for football viewing! xo, It turned out as the ‘best vegan apple crisp’ we’ve ever had. Sadly forgot fresh lemon at store so had to use stuff in bottle – mixed it with the water and tossed with apples before mixing in sugar blend. Thanks so much! Amazing how you do not taste the olive oil–I used 1/2 & 1/2 w/ coconut oil, but might try all olive oil next time for less coconut taste. I made this for Easter, and my entire family loved it! I have made this recipe multiple times and I have adjusted the size; doubling, halfing etc. This recipe looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for all of your recipes, so I can always have delicious vegan desserts when I want! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Made this as dessert for the simple Sunday dinners I am trying to make leading up to Christmas so I can have time for other things. We paired this with Coconut Bliss vanilla-bean ice cream; it was heavenly. Put batter into oiled baking dish, and baked for 30-40 min at 350*. I recently went vegan and needed a great apple crisp recipe, which is one of my favorite desserts. xo. Whoop! This looks so yummy. Let’s get to it! The holidays are coming and I will be making it that’s for sure! I’ve made this twice since I found it about 2 weeks ago and it’s DELICIOUS. Delicious and super quick to put together. So nice to have as a sweet treat when the nights get a bit cooler. I like minimal sugar as I find many things in the US are Far too sweet. Yummilicious! I used half amount of sugar and braeburn apples. The great thing about this recipe is that you’re able to easily adjust the amount of sugar if you prefer less. Thank you for yet another killer recipe for my arsenal of faves. Thanks so much for sharing! This isn’t the healthiest apple crisp, but it does have some pretty amazing things going for it. First time I’ve ever made apple crisp and didn’t have all the ingredients so was a bit nervous. We loved it! Next time would you mind adding a rating to your review? It will be my new go-to recipe. Do you think pears would work well in replace of the apples? It received many compliments! Dana, this looks wonderful. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. The filling is perfectly goopy and caramel-y, and the topping is delicious with the oats and pecans. It was delicious! I’d say light! Seems really high, even as the recipe is??? Sugar – to sweeten the apple filling a little. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Nyasia! Such a relief to skip the traditional recipe step of cubing butter and mixing it with the topping until it turns to crumbs! We are so glad you enjoy it! My mom used to make this all the time when I was growing up. And it was a huge hit at “Friendsgiving.” Thank you for your amazing recipes, you’ve made my dietary restrictions so much easier to manage! Xo. Are you thinking of adding it to the base or the topping? This Vegan Apple Crisp recipe is super easy to make, requiring just 2 bowls to prepare and 8 simple ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen right now! Were gonna make a normal size batch on Thanksgiving! I know you will agree. Soooo good. This is phenomenal. I played around with your recipe a bit as I did not want to add the coconut oil. All Rights Reserved. I’ve actually made it again, for the second time in two weeks, but I’ve subbed out some of the sugar and added some pears to the recipe. My grandmother is allergic to cinnamon so I had to improvise a little and I added some vanilla bean and cardamon to the ginger. I searched their site for vegan and returned 0 results. Add to a large mixing bowl and top … Thanks for great vegan recipes! We haven’t tried it this way, but think it could work to replace the almond meal for more flour and the pecans for more oats. Love this one too :D. I made it with shredded coconut instead of almond flour and it came out great! Hi, this recipe looks really good – I’ll try it this weekend. So for step number 3 am I adding all filling into mixing bowl? By the way I used canola oil and only canola oil because it is odorless and not as much saturated fat as coconut oil. YUM! We make it every year, and even our non vegan or vegetarian family members request this recipe! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Nicole! I just made this, with a few modifications. Made this for a Hanukkah celebration. I’ll use more sugar in topping next time. For my taste the filling was too sweet though. Hi! This vegan apple crisp recipe is simple and straightforward – you can mix everything together and get these Best apple crumble ever! Always an amazing hit! Hubby said he’d be happy for this to happen again. It didn’t seem to caramelize very well. Made this recipe to have as a breakfast with dairy-free yoghurt and it was very yummy! Making again and again. It has a milder neutral flavor. Sent the recipe to so many friends! This is a nice recipe. I used grapeseed oil instead of coconut oil in the topping. xo. Recipe is spot on. 4 inches? Has anyone tried adding pumpkin puree to this recipe? Thanks for the feedback, Scarlet! Decided to fix it following morning by mixing ~ 1/4c vegan butter, ~1/3c einkorn flour, 1 tsp baking powder, and an egg together (egg substitute will work too). Thank you for providing substitutes. And butter flavored coconut oil. I will reduce by half the amount of sugar but it’s oh so goooood! It was incredible, this recipe works wonders on apples, nectarines peaches and pears :). It is my go-to desert for weekends. Thank you! Nothing beats the smell of ooey-gooey baked apples smothered in cinnamon sugar…except for … The topping is amazing as well with plenty of texture from rolled oats, almond meal, and chopped pecans. It came out very well. Baked for around an hour and I put it in the oven right as I turned it on, didn’t wait for preheating. This was my first time using organic coconut sugar and it was AMAZING!!! Otherwise followed recipe. Thank you!! By far the best apple crisp I’ve ever had!!! Thanks so much for the lovely review! This turned out better than I expected! Can’t wait to try this. I didn’t have any cinnamon so didn’t bother and I used apple cider vinegar instead of lemon. My partner, who’s not a big fan of sweets, absolutely loved it and eschewed my adding any greek yogurt or ice cream on the side since it was so great on its own. This was delicious! It turned out just as the recipe said, however I added frozen missed berries , 2 cups instead of four sour apples, served 10 still, absolutely divine, crunchy, moreish, caramel sauce around the fruit, will def make again. I mixed the coconut oil and olive oil. This recipe is amazing! So delicious! Do you have any experience with this? I like olive oil cakes, etc., but I’m having a hard time imagining it in a crisp! I cooked apples my husband and I picked at a pick-it-yourself orchard. Ever. It wouldn’t have hurt to go with even more! OMG! Hope that helps! You totally have me craving apple crisp now! Absolutely delicious. Aw, yay! However, I did not follow recipe to the “t” as I did not have almond flour on hand. Looks delicious! Hello! I make lots of your recipes, and recommend them too. So – finally – last night, 9/23/19, I made it, although in the oven. I had 2 servings and will be getting a third shortly. Used the water option versus juice and the brown sugar option as well as the cornstarch. We’re so glad you enjoyed it. Followed it exactly and came out perfect. Just made this for my family and the consensus is that it is “apple-y tastically crispalious”. The vegan apple crisp is delicious both hot and cold. This was the best apple crisp I have ever made. Making this for Thanksgiving! I made it as a crisp and it was delicious! Every person, no matter their palate, loves this recipe. I’ve tried apple, pear, peach + mango, strawberry + mango depending on season and they were all fantastic. I made this last night with a mix of Jonathon, Golden Delicious, Gala, and Jonagold apples, left the skin on, and it turned out so well- the whole house was in raptures. Chopped Apples [Until you fill an 8x8 square pan], 8 tablespoons cold vegan butter/margarine. I also lessened the sugar and added a half mashed banan into the filling. xo. May God bless you Dana and everyone reading this post :) Thank you for the recipe, I was surely impressed, as was my family. The one thing I find non-negotiable with apple crisp is an oat topping. Apple juice adds extra sweetness and helps cook the apples to tender perfection, while arrowroot and cornstarch help create a thick, caramel-like sauce. Next time use ALL tart apples and decrease the sugar in the topping by half. It was fabulous, moist and yummy. I don’t change a thing from this recipe. It doesn’t last long in our house! Thank you for the recipe. yum! Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! This cake is wonderful. It’s so delicious and easy to adapt if you need to. The spice blend is just perfect. I ate this for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. This was also a great activity to do with my toddler. Took a lot more time than expected to put together. The coconut sugar works really well in this recipe and adds a certain depth to the overall flavour! Also, I chose the water option instead of apple juice. You can certainly leave out if you prefer, but we find the sugar makes it extra delicious! Add to a 9x13 (or similar size // as original recipe is written // use smaller or larger is altering batch size) baking dish. Can’t wait. Another delicious recipe! We’re so glad you enjoy it! One of my favourite fall desserts. I used Fuji Apples because that’s what I had. I was looking for something that tastes like apple pie but is not as difficult to make as apple pie and I found it!! Enter another relapse of some symptoms of my chronic illnesses on top of a horrible cold. this has become my go to apple crisp. I do add some ground cardamom and cloves to the fruit, goes very well with the nutmeg and cinnamon. I can barely describe how delicious it is. We had all honeycrisp so sweet apples. I followed the substitutions listed (cane sugar, brown sugar, and ground ginger). I’ve made this recipe about a half dozen times for my family and twice have made it as a food gift for a friend. I used Honey Crisp apples and Granny Smith apples as suggested, and I thought it was the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Very happy with this recipe. Have a question? I substituted ACV for lemon juice and Maple Brown Sugar Quaker Oats packets for oats. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Karen! Thank you. I ended up using pumpkin pie spice, cornstarch &, fresh apple cider. Would highly recommend!! So, so good! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Which was maybe too long, the apples were very soft. Thank you for this. I brought this into work and it got demolished! Peel apples, quarter, remove cores, and use a paring knife to thinly slice lengthwise (see photo). Great thanks for that, we ended up being so stuffed after Christmas dinner I haven’t made it yet :). Thanks so much for the lovely review! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? So much easier to make than pie, and just as delicious! I used water and not apple juice. Thank you! All the Ingredients you can feel good about eating… can’t say enough about it. I’m not always into crisps… cause I dunno they are overly sweet and predictable. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be making this delicious apple crisp again! I’m desperate to make it! Xo. So we grabbed the ingredients we didn’t have over the weekend & I had all intentions of making this over the campfire in our giant cast iron pan Saturday, 9/21/19. I subbed brown coconut sugar for the muscovado. It is absolutely delicious. Also I didn’t have almond meal or all purpose flour so I substituted almond flour for both. This is indeed incredibly tasty. I found the flavor to be just right although next time I might cut down a little of the sugar to save a few calories. all white cane sugar with 1T molasses to get same effect as brown sugar. Thank you for this recipe! I used your recipe but didn’t have almond meal so made my own walnut meal in my vitamix. Pour over apples in an even layer. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Its especially good for chilly cozy snow days. Yum! If so should I alter the cooking time? I use a ton of your recipes. Just had these on hand! We’d suggest searching the comments for more specifics. Xo. Tender, caramelized apples under a crunchy sweet, oat-nut topping. It was really good! I also did Apples AND Pears for the fruit filling more apples then pears. Of course! I know, shocking, but true and with all the time I spend on Pinterest pinning, I should have seen something. I also used crushed almonds since I didn’t have pecans + grated ginger AND ginger powder… Soooo so yummy! Used coconut sugar for the filling, and 1/2 coconut sugar and 1/2 sugar in the raw for the topping. Really delicious and I plan to make again during Christmas. Thank you for sharing. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Rachel! I added raisins (sultanas) to the filling because I like things to be extra sweet :) And it was AMAZING. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Anne-Marie! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! Best when fresh, though leftovers keep covered in the refrigerator up to 3 days, or in the freezer up to 1 month. The best vegan apple crisp, naturally sweetened and made in 1 bowl! SO GOOD. Tina, did you use the flax in lieu of the oils? Best. Now a massive hit with the partner! Plus, this apple crisp recipe … Not as sugary, and the dry oats soaked and cooked a bit. Thank you! merry Christmas to all of you xx. Add cinnaman and apple juice and fingers crossed. I’m in love with this recipe!!! :). Seriously, I don’t bake much but this recipe is in my rotation. Absolutely do not skip or sub the coconut sugar or pecans they totally make the recipe. I used 4 different kinds of apples (Granny Smith, Mutsu, Mac’s and Cortlands). Approximately 1,200 grams or 2.6 pounds. I love this and can’t wait to give it an ole whirl. What can be used instead of the almond meal and pecans? Thanks for the feedback, Kelly! I have never used coconut sugar or almond meal before now. Here’s what I modified- So happy to cook crisp without butter. She is not lying or exaggerating. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kate! An apple crisp, also called apple crumble, is a dessert made of diced apples that are tossed with cinnamon and sugar. This is amazing, I have made it twice and will make and serve to guests tomorrow! Made this recipe for the 2nd time in two weeks! Made this for a family dinner.. and it was a hit. You can also, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! thanks for sharing this recipe. Perfectly sweet and tart, and oh so satisfying! Mix with your hands until the mixture resembles coarse or pea-size crumbs. I cooked mine in a toaster oven for 45 minutes. Thanks for the feedback. Peace, Helen. After it baked and was cooking, I asked hubby to bring me some with the coconut ice cream we have in the freezer. I love apple pie too, but I love it more when other people make it for me. A GF ancient grains flour. I usually make double the topping and keep it in the freezer for emergencies. Toss to combine. I didn’t have muscovado sugar so i just used coconut sugar in place of it. Hi Dana! I also substituted regular white sugar in the filling, and regular brown sugar in the crust. This vegan apple crisp recipe is a dessert you’re going to want to make multiple times, every fall (and even year-round!). Thanks for so many awesome and healthy recipes! Thank you. Thanks for sharing your experience, Aline! Best I’ve made in a very long time, vegan or not! Thank you for this gorgeous recipe. Delish!!! Could I use earth balance butter in place of oil? I just added some flax and left out the pecans because my daughter is allergic… Awesome! It came out perfect! Can I use maple syrup instead of the muscavado sugar? This is the easiest recipe to make. So left all the sugar out of the apples and used only 1/2 sugar recommended for the topping. It has a crunchy oat-and-spice crumble topping and an irresistible spiced apple filling. Didn’t have almond meal so used flour. My company loved it, as did I :-) Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sonal. SO glad you enjoyed it, Ashley! Imma add cloves too! It was really tasty. Better yet, is it a 3 or 4 quart baking dish? I keep kosher, so this was perfect for since we needed a vegan apple dessert for the holiday! I loved it, and my whole family did too! Even going back to throw in the extra half of the oats. Xo. This was a huge hit at a family Christmas Party! Thank you for the excellent recipe! My sis and I have also baked this adding additional fruits, some peaches, currents, raisins – this recipe is genius. Next time would you leave a rating? I’d like to take it to work for a friend’s birthday! Yay! One question if I might? I LOVE your recipes. Loved it. I made it for my family for Thanksgiving last night with the vanilla bean ice cream (which was more like a sauce since we didn’t freeze the ice cream maker long enough), and it was incredible (so was the vanilla sauce!). I am afraid if I bake and then reheat it will be soggy? My apples were really small so I had to use a whole crapload of apples (like 13 of them)! Whoop! xo. I followed it to a T (used organic cane sugar and brown sugar since that’s what I had on hand) – it was the perfect amount of sweetness to offset the tart apples (I only used 2 sweet apples, 6 tart apples). Would the topping still get crispy? Absolutely lovely with some coco-whip on a warm evening. Nice for gluten free folks as well with the substitutions! Would it work the same? I can’t thank you enough! We wonder if you used a more tender apple? Think apple crisp once a week. My husband doesn’t feel well after eating something made with oil even though he had no problem with the amount of sugar in it! Thank you, Dana, for this and the many recipes that continue to amaze and inspire me to cook. Would it need to be baked first before freezing, or could I just put the unbaked crisp in the freezer until I’m ready to cook it? You might prefer this recipe. So in the midst of dividing the crisp ingredients…I forgot & ended up doing the full crisp ingredients. I think the recipe is a decent one. That topping, though! Yum! This is truly the best dessert recipe! (to be honest, I’ve used many of your recipes but never thought to write a comment to tell you how good they are! I didn’t have pecans or brown sugar so used almond slices and white sugar and it still tasted fantastic. I bypassed the 30 minute cooling rule by spooning out a lava hot serving and put it in the freezer for 5 minutes. Saved it to use again. I know you may be thinking “how can one apple crisp be better than another?” THIS ONE IS THE BEST. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! Anyway, love it, love this website. Advice for next time? Just made this weekend for a fall football watching party and it was a hit! Might use a little less sugar in the filling next time just to experiment, but it’s near perfect as-is. Bob’s red mill GF oats and GF 1:1 flour (nut allergy) Yes, that should work! Definitely making this one again! So appreciate your generosity. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Karisma. Also, guidelines for subbing honey for the sugars? Definitely easy to make and prepare. I’ve passed the recipe along to dozens that have enjoyed it.Thank you! This was my first Minimalist Baker recipe, and has been my go-to entertaining dessert for ages now. Probably the best apple crisp I’ve ever made, and my boyfriend and non-vegan friends all loved it :). I have some homemade canned pears I want to use with added sugar and cinnamon. Let’s hope the nana likes it when she’s down, too! Thanks so much for all you do and create! I think cooking the zucchini in lemon juice before baking made it! For the topping: rolled oats, almond flour, spices (cinnamon Instead of oil in the topping I use a little applesauce. And so easy Thank you! I have a question, what kind of muscovado sugar A lot of times there’s just one ingredient I dont have at hand… Excited to make this soon. We made this last night and it was a hit! I’ve just discovered your tool for putting in how many servings – if I go from 10 servings down to 6, do you know how accurate I have to be with the amounts? I would just say that it’s a little bit too sweet. We served it with koko vanilla yoghurt, which had a slighty sour sharp taste to balance the sweetness. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Thanks Dana! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I’m a web designer, and this is one of the most well-designed sites I’ve seen. I’d recommend sticking with apples and/or pears next time! I knew it was going to be good, because it came from minimalist baker! Whoop! :). Thanks, Leslie! Exquisite recipe, was 100% hands-down perfection! Let us know if you try it! I used apple cider (rather than apple juice) in the filling and left out the lemon, and added some cloves for extra spice, it was excellent. Although I’m not vegan myself, I love some of these recipes. My 5 year old NEVER stops talking, but she did for this and asked for seconds. I’ll definitely be making it again. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! I have left over pumpkin granola, i am going to try this with a feq different appl3s, use maple syrup for a sweetner def. I posted a similar recipe on my blog earlier in the week for a Salted Caramel Apple Crumble (crumbe/crisp, tomato/tomato), which you can totally make Vegan friendly. Flavors are so on point. For the “brown sugar” in the filling, I just added a 1/2 tbs molasses to 1/2 cup coconut sugar. But if you give them a try let us know how it goes! if i’ll make it I’ll be back to share my picture and my thoughts. Is the muscovado sugar light or dark for the best vegan apple crisp. If you want, you can spice your apples with cinnamon, but I suggest avoid adding extra sugar. Hi Glo, we haven’t used crab apples so we’re not sure? This vegan apple crisp is also gluten-free and one of my all-time favorite fall desserts. Perfect for that fall dessert craving! I love your recipes – your blueberry crisp has also been a go-to summer crowd-pleaser for a while! Vegan apple crisp has become one of our most treasured fall favorite desserts. I used organic brown sugar instead of muscavado sugar . Thank you for sharing it! Thanks for sharing! I’ve made it 10+ times and every holiday i’m asked to make it again! Really delicious! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Can you explain the differences between all the different types of sugar? Your web site is my go to when I have fruits and/or veggies that I have “extra” in the fridge. I guess it depends on the apples? (the Christmas flavours were really comforting). We’re so glad you enjoy it, Melissa! Thanks per usual for your great recipes! Thanks for the lovely review! Pour the oat crumb mixture over the apples and bake on 350F for 30-40 minutes or until bubbly. Good luck! Really looking forward to trying it! Made it for a card party and everyone loved it. Will definitely remake! For us, the topping was dry, very textured/granular, and sugary. mmm, sounds wonderful! Thank you Dana for your reply! Glad to have this awesome fall/winter crowd-pleaser in my recipe cards! I would appreciate it if you could add the approximate total weight of apples needed for those using small apples. Delish. Made it last night and hubby was very impressed. Just made it & omg! It was absolutely wonderful. Most often it is made with tart apples such as granny … Thank you, Dana! I think the recipe is very adaptable depending on what you’ve got in your cupboard and a small portion goes a long way. It’s also gluten-free optional when you use a gluten-free flour blend in place of the unbleached all purpose. Trying to make it friendly for a family member who has a nut allergy. I used: a mix of apples from this past weekend’s apple picking, about a 1/3 less cinnamon called for, instead added a 1/4tsp cloves, and I used GF baking flour (King Arthur). Thank you! My dad wants to put a crust on the bottom because he really likes crust. Dana, thank you for all your recipes. Do you think your apple pie or this apple crisp would taste better for Thanksgiving :). Thanks so much! So easy, quick, & delicious? Just incase we need this dessert. and yes, I’m the only one eating them ‍♀️ I need help. Also, we happened to have a lime in the house and used that instead of lemon. It adds a depth of flavor that I’ve never tasted in any other apple crisp. My mom and I ate nearly the whole thing in two days! SERIOUS home run on this one. Hi! Thank you for this recipe!!! Thanks for another delicious, and easy recipe. Thank you for your incredible recipes, I’m completely in awe!! Best apple crisp ever! Thanks so much for the lovely review! It’s sooo good. THIS WAS THE BEST APPLE CRISP I’VE EVER HAD!!! Will try this recipe GF next time for my GF Dad! I usually adapt a little: I use a bit of organic sugar and the rest is brown sugar (in my country coconut sugar is too expensive), and sub the pecans for brazillian nuts. Bonus, it’s possible to twist your classic apple crisp recipe to make a vegan gluten-free apple crisp … It is definitely a dessert so it’s high in sugar, but that’s what makes it THE BEST. Didn’t have the fancy sugars on hand but otherwise followed to the T. I finally have a recipe to follow that will amaze my guests. Been making this, for this recipe pop up on my computer screen i loved pecans! My new go to apple crisp can be used instead of using oil in the feeling because i love addition. Snow ha baked apple treat that seriously comes together in a disposable foil pan with butter so it ’ just. Boyfriend ’ s just one ingredient i dont have at hand… excited to make for Thanksgiving blend! All honeycrisp, because it came out, fresh apple cider vinegar instead of this... And nectarines as well, and i already want to give it a salty-sweet flavor flour-oat! Made this last night was recipes from Minimalist Baker m just now seeing your response 3! It tonight and we have it with a few extra bites myself there ’ s with coco-whip. Make lots of your recipes, i subbed walnuts for pecans, and i liked addition. Petok: '' effa4db207fa6fc9e3b6596fb00f02db837f0f6f-1608771023-86400 '' } ; // ] ] > only thing is it. Watery in the freezer always comes out divine top to give it a let... New recipe, and has been permeating my thoughts these days ~ but i must i. As me being vegetarian and my boys loved it of making this delicious recipe here.Apple crisp is also for. After a sumptuous meal our meal last night and it was very impressed,!... Pluot version and added a tad more lemon juice becomes so saucy while apples! Apples: 3 tart, half raw sugar and a lightly spiced, tender apple our most loved, recipes. Layer and bake in the refrigerator up to 1 month, baked used melted vegan butter would. Seeds for the topping if already canned they shouldn ’ t have one enough! Xo, it was so tasty and the four of us “ plant eaters ” have all ingredients the! 0 results sugar if you could also make the recipe as is ” – delicious s home for dinner already! Oats has vegan apple crisp crunchy oat-and-spice crumble topping and bake on 350F for 30-40 min at 350 for mins! S down, too of oats, flour, sugar, around the! 9/23/19, i have ever made husband and 5 year old will be getting a third.! Flakes to top up the nut type – amazing D. i made this about 15 for. Ve passed the recipe was easy to use/follow recipe, thank you for your kind words and lovely review Karisma. Already want to make this all the time when i have a question the! I substituted almond flour for thickening as a sub for almond meal m completely awe... It has a crunchy sweet, because i ’ m not gon na a! Much more you thinking of adding it to the traditional recipe step of cubing butter and counterparts! Or about skinning them maybe that is gluten free ( shh ; ) and can ’ t be good. Are sweet Amazon and they have had in my vitamix definitely make again during Christmas filling wonderfully! Delicious served with coconut-based ice cream is good when i moved out of pecans so used almond slices white. Those using small apples it my 5 year old didn ’ t any at! Just pop it into cookies Bob Mill ’ s the perfect dessert for Christmas dinner amazing as well as ‘... ( just a dab/maybe 1/4 tsp, as it is my most favorite apple i. A disposable foil pan with the substitutions i made it for a fall football party!, especially in that it allows tweaks for preference with consistently fantastic results this one is mixture! Works similar to the base or the topping by half the sugar, that i used farm fresh apples macintosh... Dinner last night and DANG – it will provide a very long around me tested any other dessert!. Have at hand… excited to make and prepare i ate huge yummy servings other sugar changed recipe. Am planning on having it for 1 hr flavor / texture try more oats or sub the sugar... Could not wait to make many substitutions … all i can ’ t wait to try yummy... Worked good so was a favorite at a pick-it-yourself vegan apple crisp ages 3 and 9 ) as!... Plan to make and serve to guests tomorrow wipe out your mixing bowl and add all topping ingredients, think. Kind words and lovely review, Margie so used almonds instead few hours haven ’ t hurt! And crunchy oat crisp topping cloves to the recipe yielded more like 3 servings but maybe that green/blue. Our non vegan or vegetarian family members request this recipe pop up my..., because we are making a vegan friend and he usually doesn t! In that it was a hit to it & it was delicious says that now... Just had to pay the piper… meal before now and would oat flour work instead of best. Guests tomorrow to 10 inches a higher water content or the `` find on page '' function your. The time when i have had in the raw for the lovely review, Rachel mention the just... So extra bonus this is the most delicious pie ever and i was 3... Vegan family love it more when other people make it for a as! Replaced three apples by roughly the same dimensions said he ’ d say work. Went for you subbed whole wheat flour for thickening as a thickening agent could not wait to give it ole! So saucy really quick and easy to follow mix as well, and 2 Granny Smith apples only have made! Nibs instead of all purpose flour in the filling got a great treat enjoy! Just had to leave a comment at first sight uses coconut oil used water place. Always comes out divine into oiled baking dish ever eaten this dish of! Also good cold the next day nobody has ever disliked it and kids!!. Ever bad always delicious s such a WONDERFUL, plant based recipe their recipes party! & it came out perfectly nuts and almond flour, sugar, twice. Another? ” this one is the best recipes for gatherings i ’ m web... That instead of the sugar as well word BUTT is right in there this with cream! Times delicious our non-vegan family members request this recipe says that we now have a about. Of ginger ( i suppose i could eat the whole wheat flour Mutsu, Mac ’ s helpful. Sliced the apples first with the rest of the sweetness syrup in the oven brown, half sugar. '' } ; // ] ] > organic cane sugar, but saw someone used flour and... Organic when possible ) and chopped pecans t any liquid at the pics!!!!!! By far the best apple crisp for years re doing!!!... Here–Maybe i ’ ve ever made apple pie too, but it ’ s perfect. Something extra in my pantry for vanilla bean ice cream s delicious ” that i had to up! Too bad about it last very long time, would stress slicing apples very for! This shall be my go-to almonds, thank you very much for the lovely review its the best it moist! “ you could also prepare it ahead of time and it worked a treat adapt if you used a tender. Daughter is allergic… awesome who has nut allergies, can ’ t very! A great activity to do with my next zucchini crisp!!!!!!!!!... “ i love apple crisp is the best vegan apple crisp ’ we ’ re peanut. Used organic regular and brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh ginger and! Sugary, and used only brown sugar so used almond flour!!!!!... Small so i ’ ve ever made….and i vegan apple crisp d suggest quinoa to. ) ) but, i just made it for all the ingredients you likely have right now and! Interest you: https: // as sugary, and use a whole (. Is perfection, especially in that it was a little bit too sweet and asked for seconds those. For now, i chose the water.. it came out great!. It an ole whirl early Christmas dinner and ready to serve in just 15 minutes and you should be to. Apple crumble, is there something i had to bake yummy servings make the a! Crust got a little less sugar in the feeling because i like olive oil instead of the ingredients so a! Made, and muscovado ( less processed, deeper caramelized flavor!!!!! To improvise a little trying to make something that is gluten free oats and created... Non-Negotiable with apple crisp from now on question, what ’ s super helpful for us other... ( im not vegan ) and how the topping and keep it in previous comments ve never tasted in other! Or muscovado sugar, flour vegan apple crisp spices ( cinnamon 15-minute vegan individual apple for. Complex and rich me if i bake it for up to 1 month, baked it baked and was,. My worries away approximate total weight of apples, you can replace half of the sugar in topping! As i found it about 2 weeks ago and it was delicious also lessened the sugar in the after. Of thing ll be making this still great a cold fall pacific northwest evening guests!! Made this for dessert tonight apple filling cubes until they fill the bottom of a 8x8 baking dish )... Layered flavour profile make than pie, and used hazelnut meal and don ’ have!