There's a great solution in the pages of the new book Dessert and Booze Hacks, and it goes a little like this: Cut the top crown of the pineapple off. Then stand up the wedge and cut top to bottom the hard heart out. If the pineapple is too ripe the pieces will be too mushy to pull away. A viral video suggests that the easiest way to eat a pineapple is to pull off chunks with your fingers — but this technique is much harder than it looks . Step 2: Using a large chef's knife or serrated knife, cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple so that both ends are flat. ... that we have been eating pineapples all wrong and unbeknown to us we've actually been waiting for a wonder life hack to end years of pineapple based woes. From soothing a cough to a foot scrub, these pineapple remedies, hacks, and crazy uses are sure to amaze! Cutting pineapple into SLICES. Food Tips, Food Hacks, Cut Pineapple, Delish, Fruit, Food Stamps. Rainbow Fruit Salad | The Cozy Apron. I eventually enjoyed the pineapple I bought — cut into slices and used in a less internet-trendy way: My pineapple upside-down cake is actually almost done. Whole, uncut pineapple should be stored in the refrigerator. Kitchen Hacks: How To Cut A Pineapple. And hey, this might just be the hack you needed to increase your pineapple slicing efficiency. Place the fruit upright on your chopping board and slice off the skin. Lay the pineapple flat and cut the ends off; Turn the pineapple upright and slice off the skin; Use a pineapple corer to take out the center. This absolutely works, but the ripeness of the pineapple will dictate how well it works. 3 January, 2017 by Erin Cullum. Posted 26 August, 2014; Written by Bryce; in Video. Here Is The Step-By-Step Hack To Quickly Peel Up A Pineapple: 1. Watch as he perfectly cubes an entire pineapple in just one minute with ease! Pineapple’s Unique Story. Cut the top off of your pineapple in a zig zag pattern, following the guide of the bumps on the pineapple. So when Chrissy posted a video of Pepper’s go-to way to cut pineapple, you can bet we paid attention. It grows upward from the center of a tropical plant that yields only one pineapple fruit per growing season. The pineapple is a unique and interesting fruit with a variety of uses. This is a pineapple guide on the next level! Lena Headey, also known as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, took to Instagram this morning to share a hack for eating pineapple that we can't believe we've never tried before. People posted their own attempts at the pineapple hack and the results were glorious. How To Cut A Pineapple Hack. The video shows a pineapple street vendor revealing … Joseph Lamour. Credit: richard_north, Flickr. Cut pineapple into slices and serve or save for later use Chrissy’s Cravings account said of this technique: “Out of all the tricks Pepper has up her sleeve, this hack has to be one of our favorites.” And now it’s become one of our favorites. The Pineapple Cutting Hack You've Been Waiting For. 2 Shares Calling all pineapple-lovers: you're finally about to master the art of cutting the tricky fruit. Skip the guesswork and learn HOW TO CUT A PINEAPPLE in many simple different ways and know when to use them. I suggest we all don’t play with our food too much. Firstly they are huge, covered in sharp points and require a real effort to actually cut into and get any decent chunks out of. More precisely, almost without a knife – you must first cut off the top with green leaves. Step 2: Stand up the pineapple and slice off the remaining skin in long strips from top to bottom. Do you want to learn how to cut a pineapple the quick and easy way. Pineapple Cutting Hack Cut Pineapple Like a Magician With This Unexpected Hack. Pineapples do not further ripen once they are harvested, so pick a fruit with a strong smell. When you look at a pineapple it may look a little confusing, and you may say to yourself "I love pineapples, but how the heck do you peel this thing". The outer shell may either be green or light brown and is not indicative of the fruits maturity. Or, cut the pineapple into quarters and then slice out the core. "Game of Thrones" star Lena Headey shared a hack to eat pineapple and the Internet is both grateful and confused. April 10, 2018 by Erin Cullum. Kitchen Hack: How to Cut a Pineapple. For the trick to work, the pineapple has to be ripe. Now that you know how to cut a kiwi, round out your fruit bowl by learning how to cut a pineapple and how to cut a watermelon. Pineapple is far from the easiest thing to slice and core. This video will show you how easy this is to do. Just cut the pineapple into 1/8 and the lay each on its side and with a sharp pairing knife follow the outside edge just pass the point where the "eyes" of the pineapple are at. Place the pineapple flat on a smooth surface. Use a small round cutter to slice out the tough center from each ring. Confession: I've never cut — or peeled, or skinned, or whatever the correct verb is — a pineapple… Slice off the top and the bottom layers of the pineapple fruit. Contributor. Like you, I saw the viral video from last week of layers of pineapple being gently pulled away like artichoke leaves or pieces of string cheese, and was completely blown away. This street vendor has obviously been cutting pineapple for a while, because he has basically become a pineapple ninja. By Maddy Foley. The nostalgic sweet zingy taste of this fruit makes me feel like my feet are under white warm powdery sand. Pineapples may be a sweet, tasty fruit, but even the most enthusiastic pineapple lovers admit that breaking through the tough, spiky rind can be more trouble than it's worth. Cut pineapple will keep at room temperature for a couple of days. To prepare a pineapple, you should first remove its rind and leafy, sharp crown. Fresh cut pineapple, mango, and berries tossed with tangy aromatic citrus, a kiss of honey and cool green mint for a sweet and juicy rainbow fruit salad. A video of a person peeling off chunks of a pineapple went viral when it was shared to Twitter. Pineapple is a delicious and healthy snack, but cutting it up is such a pain! Just the scent of a ripe pineapple brings me to the pacific islands and Hawaii. Pineapple freezes wonderfully and is a great choice for storing in portion sizes in your freezer for fast cold snacks for kids or simple smoothies for breakfast. Knowing how to cut a pineapple, however, can save you a ton of money on canned or already prepared fruit when it is in its season. Cut the pineapple into rings or wedges. Honey Dressing Cut Pineapple Rainbow Fruit Mothers Day Brunch Vegetarian Paleo Fruit Recipes Tossed Fruit Salad Blueberry. How To Store Cut Pineapple. Cut the pineapple into slices lengthwise to your desired size ; Remove the core if desired. Joseph is an accomplished writer, arts multi-hyphenate, and prodigious snacker. Have you seen the viral pineapple hack where the “berries” are plucking straight from the fruit?! 2. The bottom portion of the pineapple appears to be cut off. Pineapple Cutting Hacks Cut Pineapple Like a Magician With This Unexpected Hack. We used to cut fresh pineapples into round shapes. First Published: May 4, 2016 726 Shares Calling all pineapple … To make rings, place the pineapple on its side and make slices as thick as you like. Step 1: Turn the pineapple on its side and use a knife to cut off both the top and the bottom. That is, until now, thanks to a video of a pineapple hack uploaded by TikTok user @dillonroberts22. Step 3: Stand the pineapple upright. The technique, pulled from TikTok, an app for posting short videos, and posted to Twitter … Or, cut the meat off like you would an apple, avoiding the core. But recently, a viral video appeared on Twitter of how to cut the pineapple into slices without a knife. If you'd rather cut wedges, cut the pineapple lengthwise into quarters. Choose a firm, plump pineapple with crisp green leaves. May 9, 2016 . Now align the fruit vertically, and cut off each side from top to bottom in order to remove the external spikes from the fruit. Then, cut out the tough core from the center of each wedge. Wedge your thumb under one of the pineapple chunks and pull upwards releasing a perfect wedge of pineapple. A "Game of Thrones" star shared a video that makes eating a spiky pineapple … You can also freeze cut pineapple to keep it fresh for up to 12 months. Notes. Continue Reading … We tested this for ourselves to see if it works: Watch the full video here! If stored in an airtight container in your fridge, it will stay fresh a few days longer, about 3-5 days in total. To do so, lay your pineapple on its side.