Kinkajous are individually priced based on age, temperament, and lineage. Cages for Short-Tailed Opossums << Back to All Opossum Help & Education or Shop Opossum Products. STOs are very clean, curious, and make friendly pets. The female is often aggressive to any male unless she is receptive for breeding. Our kinkajou babies are extensively socialized, healthy and will come with individual feeding instructions. It is around 4-6 inches long with a prehensile, hairless tail. See y' all in two weeks! Derby’s Woolly Opossum $ 499.99 Add to cart. Babies just now getting their fur! It is actually a marsupial that lacks a pouch. The short-tailed Opossum is part of the Didelphidae family of opossums and is a marsupial. licensed breeder and have a climate controlled facility that houses only our animals.We are visited regularly by veterinarians, including Dr. David Brust, who is the President of the Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians. I do not hold her. We have been raising exotic animals since 2002. We sell prairie dogs online, delivered to an airport near you. Estrus lasts 3-12 days, cycling every 2-4 weeks. A short-tailed opossum is not a rodent as many of you may assume. Short-tailed opossums are adept at escaping, so whatever enclosure is provided should be made escape-proof. Feeding Short-Tailed Opossums << Back to All Opossum Help & Education or Shop Opossum Products. We are a U.S.D.A. This Opossum can have up to four litters a year. BOX 104 HIGHLAND LAKE NY 12743; FOX PUPS FOR SALE. Brazilian Short Tail Opossums Awesome 'Possums in Memphis, Tennessee. If you have decided a pet skunk would be a good fit as a pet, the trickiest part may actually be finding a skunk. Find Small & Furry Animals for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. for sale, I am a USDA licensed breeder of Short Tailed Opossums and hedgehogs. The short-tailed Opossum matures about 4-5 months and is ready to start a family. Short Tailed Opossum Animals For Sale | Union Square, New York, NY #200007. Kinkajous For Sale. Opossums Available For Purchase at Frazier Farms Exotics At Frazier Farms Exotics we offer Virginia Opossums for sale. Find Short.. We are a small hobby breeder. Try looking at the Short-tailed Opossum Yahoo group! FAWN SCHNEIDER. It is important for potential owners to understand this, and decide if a short tail will fit into the family routine. Email:; Phone: 845-866-4137; Address: P.O. These Are Flightly But Not Aggressive, Best For Experienced Handlers The babies are extremely under-developed, though. We are a USDA licensed breeder located near Aiken South Carolina SC, also servicing North Carolina NC, Georgia GA and other surrounding states. I have an unrelated pair of parent-raised young virginia opossums that were not hand raised and would make perfect breeders. Must have class 3 permit in Florida and no sorry will not ship

Contact us today for more inf. We have Virginia Opossums and black eared yawari available and for sale. Home » Animals » Short Tailed Opossum » New York » New York County » New York » Manhattan » Union Square » GARMIN ASTRO 320 GPS +2 DC 50 COLLAR DOG Email us:- Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and … I want to share the joy I get from my STOs with anyone we can. short tailed opossum in Concord, Ohio at – Classifieds across Ohio. Lifespan is about 5 years. They make great pets :) But you may have to drive out of your way, it just so happened … I feel like there may be a breeder near you. The temperature of the enclosure should be kept at 70 to 80 F. $500/EACH INCLUDES VACCINATIONS, DEWORMING AND A HEALTH CERTIFICATE. One mitted chocolate-point long tail female. From: $ 3,899.99 Select options. for sale, I've four short tailed oppossums up for rehome for 8/17/2012. short tailed opossum Men and womens' clothing in Cincinnati, Ohio at classifieds. The males are about 25% larger than the females. Brazilian Short Tail Opossums Awesome 'Possums in Memphis, Tennessee. 1.1K likes. Friendly, healthy, socialized babies from a licensed breeder. The Short-Tailed Opossum is an escape artist, and must be kept in a secure enclosure. Mikey has had a difficult life. short tailed opossum for sale in Florida Classifieds & Buy and Sell in Florida - Americanlisted short tailed opossum in Florida at – Classifieds across Florida. Miscellaneous Information. Ease of Care: - Easy - Intermediate - Advanced Diet: Rabbit Pellets & Hay: Dwarf Rabbits generally stay under 5lbs and require both hay and pellets in their diet. A well-ventilated aquarium (at least 20 gallons) with a tight-fitting lid or a narrow-mesh wire cage should work well. Short tail opossums are nocturnal; they are most active at night or in darkness, and spend much of the day sleeping. Pickup in Connecticut. Description: A mature Short Tailed Opossum will reach a body length of about 4" - 6" (10 - 15 cm) with a tail that is about 1 1/2" - 3" (4 - 7.5 cm) and will weigh between 2 - 5 ozs (60 - 150 g). I am downsizing and she needs time spent with her to tame her properly, she is ok .. but is quite quick and would suit a person who is more confident with marsupials. Sep 21, 2015 - Babies for Sale | Brazilian Short Tail Opossums Possums have really hardy immune systems and are resistant to rabies. They can be kept outside, but do best indoors especially in colder climates or strong summer heat. RED AND BLACK PHASE ARCTIC MARBLES, REDS AND SILVERS. Brazilian Short Tail Opossums, Memphis, Tennessee. • Review our policies and hedgehog care , sugar glider care or short-tailed opossum care information. Breeders of the best Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs And Tortoises for sale in the area. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - short tailed opossum listings. • Choose a baby: • To choose online browse our babies web pages for hedgehog, sugar glider or short tailed opossum babies and choose from those available by photo and make a down payment on the one of your choice or a future baby. While sites featuring skunk breeders are few and far between on the internet, it is still possible to use the internet as a tool for finding a pet skunk. Bare tail wooly opossums Baby bare tail wooly opossums 3-5 months in age Males and females available $1500 each or $2500 for a pair... by gliderboy4life - Houston, Texas - - a year ago They helped me out with my baby girl when I had her. Short tail opossums are solitary animals and should be housed individually. We offer healthy and happy exotic animals that have been bred and raised in a TWRA state licenced and USDA federally licenced facility. In the wild it is found in areas of Boliva, Brazil and Paraquay. --*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*-- Please subscribe and leave a like! Provide your Short Tailed Opossum with fresh water daily in a water bottle. In … Baby Kinkajou $ 2,699 ... Prehensile Tailed Porcupine $ 2,499.99 Read more-46%. The opossum is used as a research model in science, [3] and is also frequently found in the exotic pet trade. A 10 gallon or larger aquarium with a secure lid or a narrow-mess wire cage work well. For younger opossums that are not too strong, one without a steel ball works best. They can grow to about 4″ to 6″. Hope you find one! The Short-Tail Opossum (Monodelphis domestica) was imported from Brazil in 1978, by the National Zoo. Don't expect them to be active and playful during the early afternoon, no matter how impatient you are to watch and play with your new pet. STOs (Short-tailed opossums) come from South America, south of the Amazon river, Brazil mostly. Some … Check out our prices and availability. Baby Marmoset Monkey. UNDERGROUND REPTILES SUPPLIES SOME OF THE BEST EXOTIC MAMMALS FOR SALE IN THE WORLD! Like the famous country singer Patsy Cline, this Patsy wants to sing her hits for you. Males are usually bigger than the females. SHORT TAILED OPOSSUM $296.99 $299.99: Few: N/A: N/A: N/A: Dwarf Rabbits. Female short tailed opossum for sale over a year old .. When I first laid eyes on these fun little pets there was no going back.
Sale! Short Tailed Opossum Animals available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals. Welcome; All About STOs; Babies for Sale; Contact; Gallery; Growing up Opossum; Our STOs Males tend to be slightly bigger than females. Try to have realistic expectations about their night schedules. Welcome to my page dedicated to my beloved short tail opossums. The gray short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica) is a small South American member of the Didelphidae family of opossums.It was the first marsupial to have its genome sequenced. I am less t. Americanlisted has classifieds in Goldendale, Washington for … Breeding can take place during any time of the year. Short Tailed Opossum for sale in United States. We have kinkajous for sale in Texas and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! Short Tailed Opossum FOR SALE ADOPTION from Minneola Florida Lake @ Classifieds - #70375 Short Tailed Opossum FOR SALE ADOPTION from Minneola Florida Lake for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in USA - free,classified ad,classified ads I had such a difficult time finding my first that it peaked my interest in breeding them and a new venture began. Cage mates will eventually become aggressive toward one another and will often fight to the death. Female Two Toed Sloth $ 7,499.99 Add to cart. I have kept and bred many species of animals in my lifetime. ... Show Filters . Housing the Short-Tailed Opossum . Brazilian short tailed opossums are one of my favorite pets.